Chapter 279: Black Eyed Elder (Teaser)

Chapter 279: Black Eyed Elder

“What is it?” When it saw that Lin Dong had locked on his eyes onto that black pillar, Little Marten was somewhat intrigued as it opened its mouth and asked.

“The interior of this pillar seems somewhat peculiar.” Lin Dong softly said. Promptly, he quickly walked forward, before a potent Yuan Power undulated on his fist. Then, he solemnly punched that stone pillar.


After Lin Dong’s fist landed on that stone pillar, the pillar did not break apart as he had expected. In fact, that stone pillar barely budged at all. When he saw this situation, Lin Dong involuntarily felt a little embarrassed. It seems like this stone pillar was so terrifying solid and durable.

“Pfft, kid, you must be out of your mind. If an ancient altar left by these ancient sects could be so easily destroyed, how can they withstand the corrosion of time?” Standing behind, Little Marten chuckled.

“So what should we do then?” Lin Dong somewhat helpless waved his hands. That vibration stemmed from within the pillar. Hence, if he could not break that pillar, how could be discover what was hidden within?

“Calm your mind and use your heart to sense...

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