Chapter 278: Black Altar

Chapter 278: Black Altar

Lin Dong’s figure swiftly descended within the dark Symbol Puppet lair. Wind whistled past his ears, while the surrounding caves also flitted past at an astonishing speed.

As his figure descended, Lin Dong finally completely understood how terrifyingly huge this Symbol Puppet lair was. Everything they had previously seen above was merely the tip of the iceberg.

Moreover, the deeper down they went, the stronger the Symbol Puppets stored in this kind of Symbol Puppet lair were. According to Little Marten, low, middle and high class Symbol Puppets were merely the first section of stages to classify Symbol Puppets. Above the high class Symbol Puppets, there was the so-called soul level Symbol Puppet, and above the soul level, there was the even higher level Heavenly Puppet, and beyond that, the legendary Immortal Puppet...

Of course, for Lin Dong, the legendary Soul Symbol Puppet, Heavenly Puppet etc. were too distant and unrealistic. Currently, just obtaining a high class Symbol Puppet already started to give him a headache on how to feed this bottomless hole....

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