Chapter 274: Core Area (Teaser)

Chapter 274: Core Area

Golden light swept past the base of Liu Ku’s arm as blood instantly flew. Under countless astonished gazes, Liu Ku’s arm actually shot out, bringing with it a trail of fresh blood.

Liu Ku’s arm was actually hacked off with a chop from Lin Dong’s palm!

As they stared at this scene, and then at the bloody and sinister appearance of Lin Dong in mid-air, many people felt a chill spread all over their body. Just before, they were still puzzled why Lin Dong did not bother to dodge Liu Ku’s attack at all, after all, an attack at that level was extremely likely to kill Lin Dong instantly!

Lin Dong’s following actions dispelled the bewilderment in their hearts. It turned out that it was not because Lin Dong could not avoid that attack, but from the start, he carried the thoughts risking his life to take another!

Using his body to receive an advanced Qi Creation practitioner’s full powered strike was extremely risky. If Lin Dong’s body had not underwent numerous tempering, and if he did not have the Mysterious Earth Armor’s protection, he would have now completely become a dead person. Thus,...

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