Chapter 270: Chilling Wind Body Training (Teaser)

Chapter 270: Chilling Wind Body Training

The Ancient Table space was exceptionally vast and extensive, even though Lin Dong had Little Flame as a transportation means, after almost an hour of flying, he was still unable to reach the end. The unchanging and lonely atmosphere lingered below one’s nose, causing one to feel rather depressed.

Along the way, Lin Dong had met quite a number of people. Although the Ancient Tablet space was huge, the amount of people who had entered was rather frightening. Therefore, even if they were spread out, they were still able to chance upon one another from time to time.

However, though he encountered quite a few people, Lin Dong did not slow his speed. Most people who entered the Ancient Tablet space intended to find treasures, and would be wary of each other, thus, journeying together would not only be useless, but instead cause more troubles.

Lin Dong had also encountered many ferocious Demonic Beasts along the way. Like Little Marten said, these Demonic Beasts indeed possessed some Ancient Demonic Beast...

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