Chapter 269: Ancient Tablet Spiritual Domain (Teaser)

Chapter 269: Ancient Tablet Spiritual Domain

Under countless fervent stares, the giant ancient tablet that stood at the deepest part of Great Wastelands Ancient Source began to slowly release a powerful and awe-inspiring energy shockwave. Due to this shockwave, the ancient symbols on the ancient tablet began to appear clearer, while they gradually dimmed as well...

“The Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet seal is about to disappear!”

Excited shouts instantly emerged, while the entire Great Desolate Ancient Source turned heated instantly. Crowds of black bobbing heads instantly swarmed forth as they tried desperately to squeeze ahead.

When the ancient symbol on the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet dimmed, Lin Dong opened his eyes as he stared somewhat in awe at that giant tablet. Right now, inside his heart, he was completely in awe. Even after so many years, the energy shock wave from the ancient tablet was still so terrifying. One could just imagine just how powerful that ancient sect was during its peak.

“It’s no big deal. Later, when you venture out of Great...

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