Chapter 267: Wiseass

Chapter 267: Wiseass

A resplendent golden glow erupted in mid-air, causing the whole horizon to instantly transform into a golden ocean. In fact, even the sunlight pouring down were immediately dyed with a bright golden color.

Countless pairs of eyes were gathered at the spot where fist and spear had collided. That spot was the source of the massive golden glow and it was also the birthplace of a tyrannical shockwave.

One punch, one spear!

That resplendent golden glow suddenly compressed, before it exploded with an maniacal force. Then, a terrifying Yuan Power hurricane immediately swept forth!


A Yuan Power hurricane swept forth, before two figures were almost simultaneously blown away in mid-air. However, one of them seemed exceptionally hideous, as he directly dropped from mid-air before he finally slammed against the ground and tore a several hundred meters ditch on the ground.


Countless pairs of eyes instantly turned to look, before they stared right at that figure which was buried deep inside a ditch. When they saw that bloody and hideous figure, who was holding onto a golden spear, several of them immediately exhaled in shock.


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