Chapter 264: Second Encounter (Teaser)

Chapter 264: Second Encounter

In the deeper regions of Great Desolate Ancient Source, faintly, a large amount of splitting wind sound emerged. Then, as countless pairs of eyes turned to look towards the direction of the noise, they saw streaks of rainbow flashes, that were barely off the ground, dashing towards them at a lightning-quick pace, before they finally arrived at the deepest region.

Even though it required one to resist an immense pressure in order to fly at the deepest region of Great Desolate Ancient Source, a fairly skilled practitioner would still be capable of maintaining flight at a low altitude. However, if one wanted to truly soar across the skies, then perhaps, only a Nirvana stage practitioner could accomplish this feat.

The rainbow flashes dashed over, before under the attention of countless individuals, they hovered at a low altitude. Right at the front, was a glowing disc that gave off a rainbow aura. On top of that glowing disc were numerous individuals. However, among all of them, the one that evidently stood out the most, was the one who led the pack.

That figure had a tall and lean figure. He was dressed in green clothes,...

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