Chapter 255: A Bountiful Harvest

Chapter 255: A Bountiful Harvest

As looked at that Qiankun bag in his hands, a wide smile surfaced on Lin Dong’s lips. From the fact that Hua Zong seemed to possessed countless number of treasures, he already knew that this Hua Zong was definitely a juicy cash cow. In fact, his possession far exceeds those of Wang Yan. Naturally, this did not indicate that Ghastly Puppet Cult was stronger than Wang Clan, but rather, it was because Hua Zong held a certain status in Ghastly Puppet Cult. Else, he would not have been able to afford such luxuries.

“Let me find out just how loaded you are!”

Lin Dong cheekily smiled, before his Mental Energy gushed into the Qiankun bag. Then, his face began to gradually turn stiff before he deeply exhaled, while a tinge of shock and delight filled the far corners of his eyes.

“Two hundred and fifty thousand pure Yuan Pills!”

Lin Dong involuntarily licked his lips before he stared in bewilderment at Hua Zong’s corpse. Evidently, he had never expected that this fellow had actually brought along so many pure Yuan Pills.

In the past, when Lin Dong extorted the Di and Liu Families,...

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