Chapter 254: Annihilation (Teaser)

Chapter 254: Annihilation

“Rumble rumble!”

Sand waves swept forth before this sector of the woodlands nearly crumbled in an instant. As dirt filled the horizons, it seemed just like a raging sandstorm.


Amidst that sandstorm, a deep echo, that caused one’s scalp to turn numb, swiftly followed. Soon after, a hideous figure flew out from within, before he directly ripped a near hundred meter long ditch on the ground.

While the sandstorm raged on, Lin Dong’s figure was still maintaining the same pose after he executed his punch. Meanwhile, drops of fresh blood continuously dripped off his fist before it dyed the ground below blood-red.


Lin Dong kept this pose for a while, before he finally somewhat stiffly lifted his head and stared coldly at Hua Zong, who had been blown away by his punch. At the same time, his heart began to pound violently. This was the first time he had used that so-called Yuan Essence energy, and it’s terrifying destructive potential has filled his heart with awe.

Its destructive power was so strong that even a high ranked Soul Treasure could not defend against it!


Just as Lin Dong was...

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