Chapter 249: Yuan Essence Energy

Chapter 249: Yuan Essence Energy

There was a glow on the praying mat while a strange heart-palpitating vibration slowly spread out. Then, from the center of that praying mat, an approximately fist-size peculiar mixed energy source slowly formed.

“What is that?”

Lin Dong stared blankly at that mixed energy source that was appearing in the center of that praying mat. Right now, he was at a complete loss. He had never expected that such an object would appear after he poured in his Yuan Power and Mental Energy at a perfect ratio into the praying mat.

“This is the power of fusion!” Little Marten stared right at that peculiar energy source on the praying mat, before it excitedly exclaimed: “Damn, this praying mat is truly incredible. It is actually able to fuse Yuan Power and Mental Energy together. Even at my peak, I was unable to accomplish such a feat. Who exactly was the one who created this praying mat. He could actually accomplish such a feat!”

“Is the fused energy source very powerful?” Lin Dong carefully asked.

“Extremely powerful!”

Little Marten solemnly nodded it's head and said: “Most...

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