Chapter 241: Great Puppet City

Chapter 241: Great Puppet City

Lightning arced across the horizon at an astonishing rate, as the deep roar of thunder faintly sounded out in the skies...

Lin Dong was seated on the tiger’s back as he faced the incoming gale. On his slightly bruised face was a satisfied smile. Less than a year had passed from the time he left Yan City, however, his strength had truly soared since then. Looks like this training expedition was indeed extremely beneficial for him.

Thinking back to that time in Yan City, Wang Yan, who was merely at the advanced Form Creation stage, was able to drive him to such a sorry state. However, right now, Lin Dong was confident that if he met the former again, he would be able to face him head on!

Furthermore, Lin Dong was very curious to find out what Wang Yan’s reaction would be, when he realized that Lin Dong, whom he previously thought that he could easily squash under his feet like an ant, had stealthily caught up to him, the famed genius of Wang Clan.

“I have already caught up to Wang Yan. Lin Langtian, the distance between us is closing!”

Lin Dong slightly lifted his head as he pursed his lips. His eyes were ice-cold, like the edge of a blade, when he recalled...

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