Chapter 238: Refining the Dragon Ape Essence Blood (Teaser)

Chapter 238: Refining the Dragon Ape Essence Blood

Lin Dong’s figure was like a spectre in the darkness, quick as lightning as it swept through the forest. The current him had already increased his speed to the limit, because he could hear the furious roars from the Ancient Dragon Ape behind him.

The Ancient Dragon Ape’s rage this time was clearly not weaker than before. Having some essence blood taken from it while it was in recovery mode was practically an extraordinary shame and humiliation for it. Even losing the Thousand Beast Fruit had not caused it to become so crazy.

The continuous blows he had suffered today also caused the Ancient Dragon Ape to explode like an erupting volcano. Large areas of primitive forests were flattened, bringing great misfortune to the many Demonic Beasts within. No matter your strength, when the Ancient Dragon Ape’s foot stamped down, you would be blown away like artillery in an instant, and whether you lived or died in the end would be a mystery.

The terrifying sounds of destructions behind him also caused Lin Dong’s heart to grow goose pimples, as his fleeing speed grew increasingly faster. After escaping in such a state...

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