Chapter 231: Ancient Wastelands

Chapter 231: Ancient Wastelands

The Ancient Wastelands was located at the northern area of Great Desolate Province and it took roughly five days to reach there from Great Eagle City. All in all, it was not considered as a border area of Great Desolate Province, but rather located near its central region.

Along the way, Lin Dong was not delayed by other matters. Therefore, he travelled directly towards the area where the Ancient Wastelands were located.

As he travelled at full-speed, in merely four day’s time, he had arrived at the Ancient Wastelands.

Standing atop of a high mountain peak, Lin Dong looked at that giant ancient mountain range ahead of him, as a thick awe emerged in his eyes. Even though he had yet to venture deep within the woods, even from his current location, he could faintly sense a few formidable aura hidden within the Ancient Wastelands.

These aura were extremely malicious and fearsome, while faintly, they had an ancient feel as well. They most likely originate from powerful Demonic Beasts who possess a trace of ancient bloodlines.

“Within the deepest region, there is an extremely fearsome aura…”

Lin Dong’s expression was solemn as he looked at the deepest region of that mountain range. At that area, he could faintly...

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