Chapter 228: A Beautiful Chance Encounter (Teaser)

Chapter 228: A Beautiful Chance Encounter

Luo Jiu’s defeat went against most people’s expectations. Before this, no one would have even imagined that this practitioner, who possessed a fearsome reputation in Great Eagle City, would ultimately be defeated at the hands of a youngster who was not even twenty years of age...

However, no matter how much they disbelieved in their hearts, when they personally witnessed Luo Jiu lying on the ground, unclear if he was dead or alive, they could only use their rationality to suppress the stormy waves in their hearts, as they cast shocked gazes towards the young figure on the stage.

Everyone understood that after the Eagle Martial Dojo and the Bloody Vulture Martial Dojo had crossed swords this time, the former had achieved an absolute victory.

Most martial dojos were entirely different from sects. Sects had strong and solid foundations, hence, even if they lost to someone else in a competition, it would only hurt their reputation a little and not affect their base. Martial dojos were different in this aspect as a dojo master was practically a martial dojo’s heart. Once the dojo master was defeated, especially in this kind of situation, it would instantly cause their dojo’s prestige to plummet....

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