Chapter 227:Utter Defeat (Teaser)

Chapter 227:Utter Defeat

Golden light filled the sky. Countless individuals stared at the illusionary giant golden dragon image that had formed within the golden light, as thick awe emerged in their eyes.

Dragon, an extremely powerful ancient and mythical beast. Even in the Demonic Beast world, it was considered a top tier existence. In fact, such an existence was likely unable to be found even in the entire Great Yan Empire. Therefore, ordinary people would have only heard rumours of it, and even the opportunity to see an illusionary figure like this was rare.

The presents given by that Nirvana stage practitioner were indeed extremely lavish. The Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd technique was divided into four layers. Each layer was more powerful than the next. In particular, the final layer, Heavenly Dragon Halberd, was incomparably powerful. Lin Dong guessed that the strength of this attack was probably able to match up to certain upper category ninth grade martial arts!

Most importantly, even the current Lin Dong could only barely execute this mighty attack. Therefore, one could only imagine just how fearsome this attack would be once Lin...

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