Chapter 206: Thunder Crystal Beast (Teaser)

Chapter 206: Thunder Crystal Beast

Lin Dong stood at the top of a mountain covered by a strange stone forest, as his gaze alternated between two places in a distance. Within these two general directions, were a great number of presences.

“I did not expect that the Dayang Province’s factions would be so strong. Although I do not know what kind of status the Di and Liu Families possess, the strength possessed by these two factions far surpasses that of Yan City’s factions…” As Lin Dong gazed towards the two directions, his eyebrows slightly furrowed. The power of either one of these two families far surpassed the so-called Blood Wolf Gang, such that even the Yan City governor faction was not that much stronger too.

Over these two days, Lin Dong had closely tailed the Di Family troops. With the aid of his powerful Mental Energy, he had managed to avoid detection by Di Teng.

Along the way, Lin Dong was also shocked to discover just how powerful these two families were. This caused him to gasp in surprise, as this kind of lineup was extremely rare in Yan City.

“The Liu Family also has an initial Form Creation stage practitioner. Together with several perfect Yuan Dan stage practitioners,...

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