Chapter 205: Di Teng

Chapter 205: Di Teng

“Kid, you have a death wish?”

When he saw that Lin Dong remained so obstinate even at this juncture, the face of that young man dressed in black clothes turned steely gritted, as he gritted his teeth and said.

“Haha, this young brother, if you lack pure Yuan Pills, my Di Family can provide you with some. After all, it’s our practise to establish good ties everywhere.” That middle-aged man dressed in green robes was evidently stunned by Lin Dong’s direct manner. Nonetheless, he was a pretty sharp fellow as he replied with a smile and did not lose his composure.

“Twenty thousand pure Yuan Pills. I believe this to be a fairly reasonable price.” Lin Dong gently smiled as he said.

When he heard this amount, the facial expression of that young man dressed in black clothes turned uglier. In fact, even the smile on that middle-aged man’s face dimmed. This was obviously a extortion as twenty thousand pure Yuan Pills was no trivial amount. Instantly, the atmosphere stealthily turned increasingly tense.

As if he did not detect the stealthy change in the atmosphere, a smile was still plastered on Lin Dong’s face....

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