Chapter 203: Little Flame in Danger

Chapter 203: Little Flame in Danger

The Great Yan Empire was large and spacious. At least from Lin Dong’s point of view, its land area could be considered humongous. That was because even after travelling for two months through the vast forests, he had yet to see or reach its end.

On a giant tree inside the forest, a figure was standing perfectly straight as he stared at lush woodlands that extended before him. At this moment, his mental state seemed extremely calm.

This figure seemed slightly hideous. His hair was touching his shoulders while his clothes were in tatters. Even though his appearance was slightly hideous, he gave off a formidable aura just like a powerful weapon. Within his calm eyes, a faint glow shimmered. It seemed like there was a ferocious tiger hidden within him that was ready to bare its fangs at any time.

This figure was naturally Lin Dong. Over these two months, he had lived a primitive lifestyle, and would battle against Demonic Beasts everyday. Even though this journey had been exceedingly tiring and dangerous, it proved extremely beneficial for Lin Dong. After all, the battle experience that he accumulated from all these battles was not something that he could gain from closed-door training.

One would never become genuinely...

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