Chapter 200: Training Journey in the Forest

Chapter 200: Training Journey in the Forest

In the dense forests, a fiery shadow swept forth. Soon after, the figure on its back waved his hand downwards, as they slowly came to a stop.


After Little Flame had stopped, a pale color spread across Lin Dong’s face, causing him to let out a light cough. He quickly took out ten Pure Yuan pills and consumed them. When he felt his body gradually recover some Yuan Power, he quietly sighed in relief.

“That final move by city lord Shi is truly formidable.”

Lin Dong mumbled to himself. Previously, he had been forced to utilise the dragon transformation halberd of the Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd technique. With his current strength, he was barely able to use this move, however, its might was excellent. Even so, he was still able to withstand city lord Shi’s astonishing attack. The present given by that Nirvana stage elite was truly extraordinary.

“Although they are both at the Form Creation stage, city lord Shi is quite a bit weaker than Wang Yan.”

While recovering the Yuan Power in his body, Lin Dong’s eyebrows slightly furrowed. When he exchanged blows with Wang Yan, he...

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