Chapter 199: Dragon Transformation

Chapter 199: Dragon Transformation


When he saw the fiery battle lust in Lin Dong’s eyes, city lord Shi could not help but let out a word of praise. Soon after, his expression slowly turned serious, as the clothes on his body started billowing although there was no wind. An exceedingly powerful Yuan Power undulation gushed forth like a tide and slowly spread outwards.

In face of this formidable Yuan Power undulation, the expressions of many people in Yan City changed. Some of the more quick-witted ones hurriedly made some distance, so as to avoid being injured by the aftershocks.

“This is...can it be possible that city lord Shi wants to use that move?” Xia Wanjin watched the scene in the sky while his expression suddenly changed a little as his alarmed voice sounded out.

“The most formidable move of the Great Jade Sword Style. It is said this move has already reached the upper class martial art level. Before city lord Shi had reached the From Creation stage, he relied on this move to kill two perfect Yuan Dan stage practitioners with a single strike of his...

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