Chapter 198: Fighting the City Lord

Chapter 198: Fighting the City Lord

Lin Dong’s feet stepped on the blade shadow, while he carried the Ancient Halberd in his hands. He stared at that middle-aged man with a similar fervent glint in his eyes. Right now, since his previous battle with Wang Yan, his strength had grown again. Hence, he was curious to find out based on his strength alone, whether he could match up against a Creation stage practitioner!

“Haha, such a formidable aura. Truly an outstanding young man.”

As he stared at Lin Dong magnificent aura, that city lord Shi gently smiled as a hint of admiration fleeted across his eyes. Promptly, gripping his palm, an approximately three meter long jade-like longsword appeared in his hands.

This longsword was fairly long, as it was about three meters long. In fact, it seemed just like a small spear. The blade was jade-like in color and there were a jade-like glow faintly shimmering on it. Based on the formidable aura given off by that sword, it seemed like it was a Soul Treasure.

“Broken Jade Sword. Haha, it seems like city lord Shi does not dare to underestimate Lin Dong…”

Amidst the murmuring of the crowds, near the city walls, there were several figures...

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