Chapter 195: Activating the Stone Talisman

Chapter 195: Activating the Stone Talisman

“Such a powerful Yuan Power undulation!”

Lin Dong wore a serious expression as he gazed at the black Yuan Dan which was emitting Yuan Power undulations. This black Yuan Dan was different from the Yuan Dans he had seen before, because within this black Yuan Dan, he was not able to sense even the slightest bit of Yin Yang power. In place of it was an extremely pure Yin power.

This kind of Yin power was extremely formidable and tyrannical. One could only imagine how domineering it would be in a battle.

“People with these types of pure Yin or pure Yang bodies are exceedingly well equipped for cultivation. In fact, they should be considered as the real pride of the Heavens. Right now, her body has not fully matured. After she has fully matured, her accomplishments will be substantial.” A look of awe flashed across Little Marten’s eyes. Even though this was not the first time he had encountered such a body type, jealousy involuntarily surfaced in his heart. People with these type of pure body structures are able to accomplish twice the amount in the same time compared to normal practitioners.

“Qingtan should have succeeded?” Lin Dong asked.

“Yes, that girl is extremely tenacious. Just now,...

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