Chapter 192: Fall of the Blood Wolf Gang

Chapter 192: Fall of the Blood Wolf Gang

The news of Yue Shan’s assassination blew across the scene like wind. The Blood Wolf Gang troop’s will to fight practically vanished in an instant, together with their previous ferociousness. In their place, was an endless panic.

Everyone knew that with the loss of Yue Shan, it would be difficult for the Blood Wolf Gang to establish themselves in Yan City again. Furthermore, under the furious counter-attack of the Thousand Gold Association, it was likely that the former would be completely cleaned out from Yan City.

This top faction which had towered over Yan City for about a dozen years was now completely defeated, and the one who had caused this change was merely a youngster who was not even twenty years of age...

As they gazed at the halberd wielding figure which slowly landed on the ground, everyone could feel the solemn aura from his body. Shimmering in his eyes, was a heart palpitating and icy glint.

On his own, he could fight against three perfect Yuan Dan stage practitioners. With such strength, even in this entire Yan City, who could hope to match up against him?

While Lin Dong’s body landed, most of the...

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