Chapter 191: Resolved

Chapter 191: Resolved

While keeping the small black sawtooth blade into his Qiankun bag, the brand concealed within it was also directly erased by Lin Dong’s vigorous Mental Energy.

“Moyun Blade!”

As they felt their connection with the Moyun Blade completely fade away, the Han duo instantly turned ashen-faced. Over these years, the reason why they were able to be so successful, such that even some perfect Yuan Dan practitioners dare not offend them at all, was mostly due to the Moyun Blade. Although it was only a low ranked Soul Treasure, it was extremely effective for sneak attacks. If one was not careful, even a perfect Yuan Dan stage practitioners would be killed in one hit!

However, the usually successful Moyun Blade seemed to have encountered some troubles today. Not only was the sneak attack sensed by Lin Dong, he had also thoroughly erased the brand within it.

Hence, they had basically lost their trump card. In response, indications of their eyes turning blood red immediately appeared.

“Kill this bastard!”

While the duo were ashen-faced, Yue Shan wiped away the blood at the...

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