Chapter 190: Might of the Halberd Technique

Chapter 190: Might of the Halberd Technique

Three exceptionally vigorous auras rippled across the area. Strong Yuan Power undulations were like a tide, as wave after wave crashed forth, causing quite a number of the nearby onlookers to be oppressed until they found breathing a little difficult.

Perfect Yuan Dan stage.

In the entire Yan City, this level was at the absolute pinnacle of strength. Yet now three people at this level had a one off alliance. This sight caused quite a few people’s blood to boil.

Many wanted to know how strong the combined powers of three perfect Yuan Dan stage practitioners would be.

“Facing off against three people by himself, it seems that every time he appears, Lin Dong’s strength will have risen substantially…” On a building in the distance, the middle-aged man with a face that was white as jade watched as astonishment flitted across his eyes.

“This trio of Yue Shan’s are all vicious and merciless characters and their battle experience is extremely plentiful. I’m afraid that it will be somewhat difficult for Lin Dong to face all three of them alone.” Grandmaster Yan furrowed his eyebrows...

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