Chapter 189: One versus Three

Chapter 189: One versus Three

The figure was like a shark tearing through the waves, as it gave off an unparalleled aura of ferocity, while ripping through row after row Blood Wolf Gang troops.

Behind the figure, the troops of the Lin Family swiftly followed. However, with that single figure in front enduring all the pressure, the lines which had already been ripped apart were generally unable to stop their advance. Thus, in a short few minutes, they managed to charge through.

“Is that the Lin Family troops?”

“To think that they actually dared to interfere in this confrontation, such arrogance.”

“That person at the front is so powerful, even the advanced Yuan Dan stage Liu Chong was directly killed with a single blow of his halberd.”

“That should be Lin Dong right? I heard that he was the one who crippled Gui Yan from the Ghost Blade Sect previously. However, the Blood Wolf Gang has three perfect Yuan Dan stage practitioners this time, it is not very wise of him to appear now.”

“Looks like the victories he obtained the previous few times caused this kid to overestimate himself.”

In response to the numerous whispers of the crowd, the footsteps...

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