Chapter 181: Today’s Matter will be Repaid a Hundredfold (Teaser)

Chapter 181: Today’s Matter will be Repaid a Hundredfold

Wang Yan’s voice rang out in the stone hall, as Lin Dong’s footsteps came to a stop. He turned around and looked at the former, before casting a glance towards the sneering Wang Pan and the rest behind, furrowing his eyebrows as he said: “Is something the matter?”

“You’ve snatched my Wang Clan’s Soul Treasure, do you really think you can just leave like this?” Wang Yan replied in an indifferent voice.

Upon hearing these words, Lin Dong’s expression darkened. He could not help but sneer as he said: “Distinguished one, this is really too laughable. Items from the tomb are originally ownerless. Since when did they become your Wang Clan’s property? If that is so, won’t everyone who managed to obtain treasures here have to return them to you?”

“Humph, kid, don’t think of quibbling. That Soul Treasure was obtained by me first, but it was snatched away through your sneak attack!” Wang Pan coldy snorted as he said.

Upon seeing that this person would actually be so shameless, Lin Dong was so angry that he let out a laugh. This guy’s ability to turn black to white was truly marvelous.

This sudden change also caused the crowd to understand that there some gaps between what the...

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