Chapter 174: Symbol Puppet

Chapter 174: Symbol Puppet

As he gazed at the leaving figures of Wang Pan and the rest, in his heart, Lin Dong slowly sighed in relief. He was not afraid of them, with his current strength, it was not difficult to defeat a perfect Yuan Dan stage practitioner. As for the rest of those guys, although they were somewhat strong, they were at the level of Lin Chen or Lin Feng, practically unable to threaten Lin Dong.

Lin Dong slowly landed on the ground, ignoring Lin Chen’s and the rest’s longing gazes as he casually kept the Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd in his Qiankun bag. After which, he clasped his hands together at Lin Ke-er and said: “Many thanks.”

“You were really slow in reaching this place, we even waited a while for you when we first entered.” Lin Ke-er also kept the two Soul Treasures, which floated in front of her, as she smiled and replied.

“I’m accustomed to being alone.” Lin Dong chuckled and said.

“I truly did not expect that your would actually be so powerful, that you could snatch the Soul Treasure from Wang Pan. No wonder he seemed like a cat whose tail had been stepped on.” Lin Ke-er did not mind as she sweetly smiled and said.

“I was just lucky.” Lin Dong laughed as he...

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