Chapter 17: Scorpion Tiger

WDQK Chapter 17: Scorpion Tiger

In the darkness of the Spiritual Domain, two glowing shadows seemed to danced in pace as they displayed their respective set of palm and fist techniques.

Lin Dong’s eyes were tightly locked onto the new glowing shadow as the latter demonstrated the Eight Desolations Palm that he had just learnt from Lin Xiao today.

“This stone talisman is truly magical. I guess it draws from my memories and projects the things I have learnt in a unique manner. Furthermore, during the process, it perfects the moves…”

Lin Dong was stumped at how incredulous it sounded. However, although these mystical powers were truly unimaginable, right now, he could only accept the facts that were presented before of him.

Since he could not unravel the mysteries behind the stone talisman, he decided to focus on his training instead. After all, the stone talisman did not harm him, so why should he bother wracking his brains over this issue?

Putting his thoughts into action, Lin Dong fully focused his attention onto the Eight Desolations Palm the glowing shadow now displaying. The Eight Desolations Palm was noted for its ferocity. Though it looked simple, hidden within each move was a monstrous force.

Engrossed in the glowing figure as it executed Eight Desolations Palm again and again, Lin Dong’s brows gradually furrowed more and more as he concentrated. He realized that the Eight Desolations Palm of the glowing figure actually melded the forceful blows with traces of gentle strokes. As strength and gentleness twined together in perfect harmony, the power to devastate any opponent was born.

“By making a few tiny adjustments, one can actually add traces of gentle strokes into the aggressive Eight Desolations Palm. This stone talisman is truly magical.”

Lin Dong marvelled at the stone talisman. Though these martial arts merely belonged to the lower category, it was not impossible for some truly skilled practitioners to refine and improve them. However, the stone talisman was not a person…

“Combining gentle and hard strokes will increase the attacking power of Eight Desolations Palm. In fact, if utilized correctly, its strength may even rival that of the tenth echo of Penetrating Fist. Though, this will definitely be an uphill battle to accomplish.”

Of course, Lin Dong was long ago mentally prepared for this thus he did not feel disheartened. Instead, a fervour grew in his eyes that were glued onto the glowing shadow as he moved into the stance of Eight Desolations Palm and began to practise……

Like sand that slipped through one’s fingers, time passed by swiftly as he trained and drilled. In the blink of an eye, another half a month passed.

During these past few months, everyone in the Lin Family was training intensively. Even the usual trouble makers were forced by their respective parents to train hard. After all, the Lin Family Competition in two months time was a very important event for every member of the Lin Family.

If one is able to distinguish himself in this competition, he will not only be given the best treatment, but his parent’s status in the Lin Family will also skyrocket. Therefore, many parents hoped that their children will perform well during the competition.

In this half a month’s time, the burning sensation deep within Lin Dong’s bones blazed hotter and hotter. However, the Yuan Power Seed continued to elude him, leading him to feel slightly resigned.

Nonetheless, he took comfort in his practise of Eight Desolations Palm. Under the guidance of the glowing shadow, he had come close to mastering the Eight Desolations Palm. Even though he was unable to combine the gentle and hard strokes perfectly, when he executed Eight Desolations Palm, the force that he produced was still very impressive.

Furthermore, Lin Xiao’s had also made a complete recovery. After a few days of cultivation, he also succeeded in absorbing the Yin Energy from the Yin Pearl. Even though Lin Dong was not able to pick up anything from his father’s outer appearance, he could faintly sense that Lin Xiao’s strength was growing by leaps and bounds.

Based on his speed, it was only a matter of time before he is restored to Heavenly Yuan level.

In the midst of the dense forest, Lin Dong stood atop a large tree as he gazed down upon the forest. Traces of blood dotted his body as a slightly bloody scent floated his near vicinity.

Naturally, this fresh blood did not belong to Lin Dong, but rather to the wild beasts that he had hunted. Over this past half a month, Lin Dong could feel that something was about to be born in his bone marrow. However, no matter how hard he trained, he was unable to break through the final barrier.

In desperation, Lin Dong decided to test his skills in the wild as he hoped that his Yuan Power Seed will be born during a real battle. Furthermore, it also provided him with a good opportunity to test his mettle.

As he was unable to find anyone to engage in actual combat with, he could only turn towards the wild beasts.

Over these past few days, several wild beasts have already met their maker at Lin Dong’s hands. Furthermore, after overcoming his nerves in the initial fights, Lin Dong was now used to killing these wild beasts.


Lin Dong suddenly froze, a split second later, he jumped off the tree and shot off like an arrow. However, he abruptly stopped as he stared at the fearsome wild beast in some distance away.

“Scorpion Tiger.”

This was a brown creature, whose body resembled that of a tiger. However, its tail was razor-sharp and looked similar to a scorpion.

Scorpion Tiger was a savage creature covered in fur as hard as metal, an extremely difficult adversary. Therefore, Lin Dong briefly thought about retreating after he discovered his new “opponent”.

However, just as Lin Dong saw the Scorpion Tiger, the latter also discovered his presence. The creature immediately turned its scarlet eyes towards Lin Dong, releasing a loud roar as it stood up.

Just as the creature stood up, from the corner of his eyes, Lin Dong spotted a crystal clear dark-red fruit, below a tree that was right behind the creature. He could faintly smell a light fragrance emitted by the fruit.

“Is that…a Grade 3 elixir, Crystal Vermillion Fruit?”

As the Crystal Vermillion Fruit reflected in his eyes, Lin Dong immediately gasped in a breath of cold air. To think that he would encounter a Grade 3 Elixir here, it seems like today was really his lucky day?

Lin Dong had seen this Crystal Vermillion Fruit before in Qingyang Town, where it was being sold at an exorbitant price.

Upon this accidental discovery, Lin Dong’s footsteps paused mid step. Seeing this, a murderous intent flashed across the Scorpion Tiger’s eyes. Releasing a low growl, it lept towards Lin Dong.

At this sight, Lin Dong hastily retreated, only to see the creature trampling over a tree, which had a girth as thick as his arm.


As Lin Dong side stepped behind the creature and threw a few blows in succession onto its body. The strength behind his blows sent the creature flying onto its back. However, it did not look like it took any damage.

“Such a tough hide…”

At this scene, Lin Dong froze. He knew that he had underestimated this creature.


The Scorpion Tiger immediately jumped back on its feet and then leaped into the air as it attempted to stomp on Lin Dong’s chest with its thick and powerful tiger hoof.

“Pa Pa Pa…”

A strong musky smell assaulted his senses. Faced with such a ferocious incoming attack, Lin Dong did not dare to take any chances. Instantly, ten echoes from Penetrating Fist sounded out as he delivered the final punch to counter the creature’s attack.


Fist and hoof collided in mid air. Immediately, a large and small figure were blown away in opposite directions.  As Lin Dong crashed onto a tree, fresh blood spilled out from the corner of his mouth. Just as rage boiled in his body, he suddenly felt an intense burning sensation. Amidst that burning sensation, Lin Dong could feel that a mysterious power was being born in his bone marrow!

“Yuan Power Seed?!”

Lin Dong’s body stiffened. His mouth hung open in shock as his body started to tremble uncontrollably in excitement. To his amazement, his intense battle with the Scorpion Tiger was the trigger for the birth of the Yuan Power Seed that had constantly eluded him!

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