Chapter 169: Sudden Windfall (Teaser)

Chapter 169: Sudden Windfall

A commotion instantly exploded on the originally serene mountain top, as everyone rushed frantically towards the old tomb. However, since there were several Demonic Beasts inside these mountains, occasional screams of terrors were heard from time to time. Yet, overall, most of them managed to rush up to the mountain top within a few minutes.

Lin Dong did not rush in too quickly and chose to lag a little behind instead. Therefore, he managed to completely avoid all the Demonic Beasts along the way and safely reached the mountain top.

Once he ascended the mountain, a large stone wall that was hidden within the vegetation surfaced in front of his eyes. Currently, this extremely solid stone wall had already been forcefully smashed into debris. Based on the haughty spear aura that remained, it was very likely that this was the work of Wang Yan from Wang Clan. This man’s strength was truly violent.

Outside the stone wall, endless streams of people were rushing in red eyed. They looked like perverts who had suppressed themselves for many years before finally seeing a naked beauty in front of their eyes. A scene which gave off a maniacal feeling.

Lin Dong’s eyes swept across the entrance, however,...

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