Chapter 167: the Four Top Young Practitioners!

Chapter 167: the Four Top Young Practitioners!

The red flash tore through the sky as it drew the Yuan Power from heaven and earth. That kind of aura was exceptionally terrifying.

When that red flash appeared on the edges of the horizon, everyone in the camp noticed it. Immediately, numerous gazes of amazement were cast towards it


Under the numerous curious gazes, the red flash broke through the skies at a ferocious speed. As the red flash approached, the crowd was shocked to discover that the red flash was actually an exceedingly handsome giant eagle that was colored entirely in crimson red.

That giant eagle’s speed was extremely fast, its wings shook a few times as it appeared in the skies above bringing with it the roars of wind and thunder.

While the giant eagle was slowing down, the crowd’s gazes immediately concentrated on the back of the eagle. Clothed in green with his hands behind his back and his long hair drifting in the wind, he appeared to be extremely free and at ease. A look which subdued many of the onlookers.

Atop the giant eagle, the man in green slightly tilted...

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