Chapter 166: Lin Langtian

Chapter 166: Lin Langtian

When Lin Dong and Lin Ke-er quietly returned to the camp, it was still tranquil like before. The bonfire slowly danced, compared to the chaos previously, it was practically two different worlds.

After returning to the camp, the duo exchanged a glance before stealthily intending to return to their respective tents.


However, just as the two planned to return to their tents, a tiny cough sounded out, startling the duo. As they turned their heads, they saw old man Tao lifting his tent opening as he helplessly gazed at the two.

“Eh...old man Tao has yet to sleep at such a late hour?” Lin Dong let out a hollow laugh, and to one side, Lin Ke-er’s eyes also turned in their sockets, as if preparing an excuse.

“You two little brats, completely refusing to be peaceful…” Old man Tao helplessly shook his head. From his tone, he seemed to know what Lin Dong and Lin Ke-er had went to do.

Upon hearing these words, Lin Dong could only once again let out a hollow laugh.

“Forget it, go back and rest.” At this time, old man Tao could no longer say anything about this, and could only wave his hand. Seeing this, Lin Dong swiftly slipped...

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