Chapter 165: The End to the Night

Chapter 165: The End to the Night

Within the mountain valley, the chaotic scene dissipated as the Blade Slaughter Gang fled in defeat, and the situation gradually became clearer. Although quite a number from the Thousand Gold Association had been killed or injured in the intense battle before, the Blood Wolf Gang had likewise sustained substantial losses. Most importantly, in the wake of the Blade Slaughter Gang’s crushing defeat, the troops of the Blood Wolf Gang were so alarmed that they lost their morale. Their previously advantageous situation had practically vanished off the face of the earth in an instant.

Yue Shan was a person who was very able in assessing the situation. When Song Dao escaped in defeat, he already knew that, the situation where they were originally going to successfully dispose of the Thousand Gold Association, had already been thoroughly destroyed by Lin Dong’s appearance.

Having lost the aid of the Blade Slaughter Gang, the Blood Wolf Gang was no longer able to deal with the Thousand Gold Association with just their strength alone. Furthermore, Lin Dong and the rest were like tigers eyeing their prey as they watched from the side...


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