Chapter 163: Manifestation Symbol Array, Third Layer

Chapter 163: Manifestation Symbol Array, Third Layer

“Kid, I was kind enough to spare you. Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness!” Song Dao’s eyes were cold as he glared at Lin Dong and slowly said.

As he spoke, Song Dao’s eyes began to systematically sweep across the surrounding woods. During the day, he had found out the extent of the of Lin Dong’s and his party’s abilities. If they chose to intervene at this juncture, it would be hard to say how the current situation would change.

“Haha, sect leader Song Dao, why must you be so merciless? Why not we end today’s matter at this point.” Lin Dong smiled as his palm gently stroked Little Flame’s fiery-red fur. Right now, Little Flame’s mouth was wide-open, and its massive body was slightly bent forward, ready to attack. A menacing aura slowly spread out from its body.

“Who do you think you are? How dare you obstruct my Blade Slaughter Gang?” Beside Song Dao, that advanced Yuan Dan stage practitioner, who had stopped Lin Ke-er earlier that day, could not help but sneer as he said.

“Kid, if you leave now, I can pretend that this has...

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