Chapter 162: Soul Treasure

Chapter 162: Soul Treasure

When Lin Dong’s figure appeared forest to their rear, before steadily landing on Little Flame’s back, old man Tao and the rest merely looked at him once, and did not inquire about what he was doing there. After Lin Dong defeated Lin Chen, he had clearly displayed his strength. Therefore, even Lin Chen and the rest did not dare to provoke him.

“Old man Tao, those guys are too much. How can we just leave like this!” When Lin Dong rejoined the team, Lin Chen was evidently still upset over the clash with these guys, as he opened his mouth and said.

As members of Lin Clan, they usually took on the role of the bully. Therefore, if it was not for the fact that old man Tao had insisted on leaving, they would have probably started a fight just now.

“Those fellows are pretty skilled. If we fought, perhaps we might win. However, we will likely have to pay a hefty price.” Old man Tao shook his head and said: “Right now, our top priority is to rush to the old tomb. Once the other elite practitioners from the clan arrive, we can deal with them anytime.”

The tone of old man Tao’s words contained a hint of anger as well. Evidently, he was also upset with the group from before.

“At that time, we will not so easily let them off!” Lin Chen gritted his teeth as he declared.

Lin Ke-er, who was standing to one side, blinked her beautiful eyes as a chill flowed in the depths of her pupils. Then, she suddenly turned her head, looked towards Lin Dong and smiled: “Those guys will receive their just desserts, right?”

Upon hearing these words, Lin...

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