Chapter 160: Sky Flame Mountain Range

Chapter 160: Sky Flame Mountain Range

As he felt the surging Yuan Power coursing through his channels, an immense delight surfaced on Lin Dong’s face. He could clearly feel that, the amount of Yuan Power contained within the Yuan Dan inside his Dantian, and its vigorousness, was several times that of initial Yuan Dan stage!

“The advanced Yuan Dan stage is indeed impressive…”

Lin Dong gently sighed. Only after he had personally experienced the enriching feeling brought about by the Yuan Power inside of him, did he understood how powerful this cultivation stage was. Based on his predictions, the current him had an over sixty percent chance of beating Lin Chen, even without the use of Mental Energy!

Even though he had only just advanced to advanced Yuan Dan stage, Lin Dong’s Yuan Dan was an eight star Yuan Dan. Therefore, the purity of his Yuan Power was several times that of an ordinary practitioner. Based on that fact alone, it was possible for him to defeat Lin Chen, who was half a step away from the perfect Yuan Dan stage.

“Based on my current strength, even if I encounter...

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