Chapter 156: Main Clan Members

Chapter 156: Main Clan Members

“The Lin Clan…”

As he stared at that unique embroidered pattern, Lin Dong’s eyes slightly narrowed. This was the first time he had truly seen someone from the Lin Clan. Until now, he had only heard of this colossus which possessed an outstanding reputation in the Great Yan Empire from Lin Zhentian, Lin Xiao and the rest. Yet, Lin Dong had never truly met them before.

“Why have these guys come to my Lin Family? Could it be that they are aiming for the old tomb?” Lin Dong’s heart slightly stirred, perhaps, this could be the only reason to explain why these main clan members who had always thought themselves a cut above the other branch families would have taken the initiative to come here.

“This is my Lin Family’s land, who allowed you to enter?!”

While Lin Dong was caught up in his thoughts, one of the younger generation Lin Family members had already angrily yelled the four, extremely discontented with their frivolous mannerism.

“Hehe, the four of us will go wherever we please in the Lin Family’s territory....

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