Chapter 155: The Old Tomb

Chapter 155: The Old Tomb

Upon seeing that Lin Dong was curiously inquiring, the corners of Xuan Su’s mouth slightly lifted. Soon after, she mysteriously said: “Do you know of the the mountain range in the vicinity of the few major cities?”

“Sky Flame mountain range? What has happened there?” Lin Dong was a little astonished as he asked.

“Someone has found a tomb in Sky Flame mountain range.”

“Tomb? Whose?” Lin Dong was startled, the discovery of a tomb was not an important news, he knew that crucial point was who the tomb belonged to.

“That tomb came from a rather ancient time period, however, it is said that it was left behind by a practitioner that had reached the Nirvana stage…” Xuan Su’s beautiful eyes swept one round around the room as she said in a low voice.

“Nirvana stage…”

After hearing these two simple words, Lin Dong was first stunned for a while before he fiercely inhaled a breath of cold air. Shock colored his eyes as he gazed at Xuan Su and asked: “How is that possible?”

Nirvana stage. Even in the entire Great Yan Empire, the ones who were able to advance to this...

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