Chapter 153: Terminus Devil Body

Chapter 153: Terminus Devil Body

In the Lin Family backyard, within a secluded small courtyard, a figure sat as still as a statue. Around him, the air rippled as portions of Yuan Power bubbled out. Under the suction force emitted by his body, the Yuan Power was completely absorbed.

On the figure’s palms was an alternating black and white pearl, which was also slowly spinning. Streams of exceptionally pure and potent energy gushed out from within as it endlessly poured into the Dantian within the body.

This quiet cultivation lasted for about two hours, before the figure’s tightly shut eyes slowly opened.

“Yuan Power cultivation is indeed more difficult compared to Mental energy.”

Lin Dong mumbled to himself. Currently, his Mental energy had already reached the third seal Symbol Master level, yet his Yuan Power was still stuck at the initial Yuan Dan stage. Although this was due to the events in the Symbol Master Tower, when he compared the two, the progress of his Yuan Power was indeed a little slow.

“At this speed, I will perhaps need a few months to reach the advanced Yuan Dan stage.”

Lin Dong’s eyebrows slightly furrowed,...

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