Chapter 152: Awe

Chapter 152: Awe

“Zi Yue?”

When he saw this familiar, ice-cold yet pretty face, Lin Dong was stunned. From Zi Yue’s position, it was clear that she was the one in charge of this group of ‘black-armored guards’.

“Hehe, Zi Yue is the Yan City governor’s daughter.” While Lin Dong was puzzled, grandmaster Yan smiled as he approached and explained.

Upon hearing this, Lin Dong suddenly understood. No wonder he had felt that those people at the Symbol Master Guild were extremely respectful towards Zi Yue. It turns out that it was because she also possessed this important position.

“Over this period of time, all of my attention had been on the Symbol Master Tower and I did not know much about what was happening outside. Initially, I had even promised to settle the trouble between your Lin Family and the Blood Wolf Gang.” Grandmaster Yan’s voice was a little apologetic. After he found out about the situation, he had immediately rushed over. As for Zi Yue bringing the black-armored guard, that was her own idea. After all, the Blood Wolf Gang was no ordinary...

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