Chapter 151: The Four Great Factions

Chapter 151: The Four Great Factions

“You dare!”

As he gazed at the sword suddenly shoot towards Gui Yan, a chill flashed across Yue Shan’s heart before it turned to red-hot rage. If he was not able to stop Lin Dong even after he had interfered, in the future, who would dare to join hands with the Blood Wolf Gang?

Yue Shan was extremely experienced, while the shout left his mouth, his palm ferociously swatted out, as Pure Yuangang Energy gushed forth, tearing through the air to furiously slap at the sword.

The powerful Pure Yuangang energy forcefully caused the trajectory of the sword to deviate. Although Lin Dong’s actions were exceedingly unexpected, Yue Shan was still after all rather powerful.

As he gazed at the sword which had been jolted off course, Lin Dong’s eyes flashed as the sword turned. The sharp blade seemed to transform into a dazzling flash as it swept towards Gui Yan’s arm like lightning.


The ear-piercing sound of a sword entering flesh quietly echoed out in the plaza as it flew while leaving behind a trail of blood and a cut off arm!


A scream also rang out in that instance. As they gazed at Gui Yan,...

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