Chapter 150: The Might of the Manifestation Symbol Array

Chapter 150: The Might of the Manifestation Symbol Array

Vigorous Mental Energy took shape at the tip of Lin Dong’s finger before rays of light burst out. A terrifying Mental Energy undulation spouted forth like a volcano.

The originally formless Mental Energy had become every more resplendent than sunshine at this moment. In the end, the pillar of light which had been formed by the vigorous Mental Energy cut open the air like a meteor. Under the numerous gazes of the crowd, it crashed into Gui Yan’s formidable blade attack with a loud bang!


In that instance, a frightening wave of energy immediately exploded in the air like a flood. Besides a few stronger ones, some of the nearer onlookers were unable to endure this oppressive pressure as they hastily backed away.


Lin Dong wore a harsh expression on his face as he gazed at where the energy wave had spread. With a stern shout, the might of the Mental Energy light beam, which was formed completely from extremely condensed Mental Energy, rose sharply. As rays of light shined even more resplendently, it directly rushed forward and forcefully tore through...

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