Chapter 146: A Storm Arises

Chapter 146: A Storm Arises

When Lin Dong walked out from the Symbol Master Tower, he saw a bunch of wooden stake-like figures. Gazes snapped in his direction at an extremely terrifying speed. It was as if they had seen a ghost.

“Grandmaster Yan, are you guys okay?” After being stared at by their strange gazes, Lin Dong could not help but let out a dry laugh as he walked forward and said.

“You’ve entered the ninth level?” Grandmaster Yan’s voice could not help but tremble slightly as he firmly stared at Lin Dong. Even he was unable to enter the ninth level of the Symbol Master Tower, but just before, he had indeed personally seen Lin Dong’s speck of light at the ninth level for a period of time.

“Oh? What’s wrong? I only tested if I could enter the ninth level…” Upon seeing grandmaster Yan’s expression, Lin Dong was also a little frightened. He was under the impression that they had found out about what he had done on the ninth level. Immediately, he very carefully asked.

“This fellow…”

After hearing Lin Dong confess, grandmaster Yan and several third seal middle-aged Symbol Masters beside...

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