Chapter 143: Third seal Symbol Master (Teaser)

Chapter 143: Third seal Symbol Master

While the world outside was abuzz about the Tower Battle, the eighth level of the Symbol Master Tower remained peacefully quiet. Lin Dong’s figure was as still as a statue as he sat before the stone tablet.

Although Lin Dong did not move in the slightest, an extremely strong suction force filled the air around his body. Under this suction force, the exceptionally vigorous Mental Energy undulations on the eighth level was all sucked over before endlessly pouring the Niwan Palace inside Lin Dong’s mind.

Ten days. Ever since he had stepped onto the eighth floor, Lin Dong had stayed here for ten days.Over these ten days, he could actually sense it as his Mental Energy swiftly grew.

These ten days were short, but, to Lin Dong, they were comparable to almost half a year of cultivation outside.

Of course, this was naturally due to his Destiny Soul Symbol transforming into Soul Symbol vortexes. That frightening devouring power was even able to gulp down the Mental Energy pressure that filled the air, and finally turning it into vigorous Mental Energy that was stored in his Niwan Palace.

After ten days, Lin Dong was clearly able to feel that his Mental Energy was rapidly nearing...

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