Chapter 136: The Fifth Level

Chapter 136: The Fifth Level

The instant Lin Dong stepped through the entrance, an extremely heavy Mental Energy pressure assaulted him. In a split moment, it wrapped around him, quickly causing his body to sink slightly downwards.

Lin Dong’s foot landed on the ground as he lifted his head to gaze at the first level of the Symbol Master Tower. The interior of the tower was about half the size of the plaza, however, the place was clearly overcrowded today.

In the air of the tower, strong Mental Energy undulations seemed to warp and take shape with substance. It felt as if one’s body was within a Mental Energy sea, causing one to feel full of reverence.

There was extremely many people in the first level, however, after most of them entered, they immediately sat down as they dripped with sweat. Evidently, they were somewhat unable to bear with the Mental Energy pressure here.

As Lin Dong gazed at the bustling first level, he helplessly shook his head before quickly looking around. He was unable to find Zhou Tong, Zi Yue and the rest, while some of the Symbol Masters who were able to endure the Mental Energy pressure of the first level were currently dashing towards the center of...

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