Chapter 135: The Tower Battle Begins

Chapter 135: The Tower Battle Begins

To one side, Zi Yue was similarly taken aback by Lin Dong’s suspiciously innocent reply. Promptly, the corners of her lips involuntarily turned slightly upwards. Even though she did not like this kind of rascally actions, when she saw Cao Zhu’s and Liu Long’s expressions, she was a little elated in her heart.

“Lin Dong, don’t you dare deny it!”

Cao Zhu’s face was flushed red with rage as he angrily hollered at Lin Dong. He never expected that Lin Dong would be so shameless. It had only been two days, yet he had completely forgotten about this matter.

Liu Long’s mind was evidently sharper than Cao Zhu’s. Even though he knew that Lin Dong was toying with them, the smile on his face remained as he said: “Brother Lin Dong, it is said that people get to know each other through scuffles. It’s always best to have friends rather than enemies. For the sake of merely three Mysterious Ice Swords, you end up hurting your reputation among the Symbol Masters in Sky Fire City. That doesn't seem worthwhile.”

Though Liu Long’s tone was good-natured, his words carried an implicit threat.

Upon hearing...

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