Chapter 134: Mysterious Ice Swords

Chapter 134: Mysterious Ice Swords

The crowd stared at Lin Dong’s departing figure, a long time passed before they finally regained their senses. Immediately, gasps of admiration echoed out like a tide.

“Who is he? Such a fearsome individual, even Cao Zhu was not his match.”

“He should be a Symbol Master from our Yan City right?”

“It’s Lin Dong! I saw him at the duel arena before. He is the one who killed Wei Tong of the Blood Cloth Sect.”

“Oh, so he is that Lin Dong. He indeed lives up to his reputation…”


When he heard the soft mutterings from the crowd, Cao Zhu’s facial expression turned exceptionally ugly. One of the Symbol Master from Sky Fire City intended to help him up but was instead forcefully pushed away by him. Today, he had utterly disgraced himself. Furthermore, besides suffering a massive defeat, he had even lost his Mysterious Ice Swords, a double whammy!

“Mysterious Ice Swords…”

As he recalled his treasures, Cao Zhu felt as if he was painfully bleeding inside. Mysterious Ice Metal was extremely rare and hence very costly. In order to forge those three Mysterious Ice Swords, he had spent a total of thirty thousand Yang Yuan Stones. And now, his most precious and valued possession had been directly taken away by Lin Dong as a victory spoil. If he was not afraid of...

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