Chapter 133: Cao Zhu

Chapter 133: Cao Zhu

Gazing at the seemingly smiling expression on Lin Dong’s face, a cold light flitted across the white clothed man’s eyes. He stared at Lin Dong and icily spit out a word: “Trash!”

As the word left his mouth, the atmosphere in the plaza suddenly became tensed. Everyone knew that today's matter would not end well.

On the walkway, Zi Yue also secretly sighed in relief. She did not expect that Lin Dong had such a temperament. Just moments before, he had actually turned and was planning to leave, she did not doubt that if it were not for those last few words from the other party, Lin Dong would have ditched her without turning back.

“I’m interested to found exactly what makes you so special that teacher regards you so highly…” Zi Yue stared at the figure in the plaza as she mumbled to herself. Though she managed to grasp a portion of Lin Dong’s abilities in their previous exchange, she still did not believe what grandmaster Yan had said: that she was inferior to him.

As one of the well-known figures among the younger generation of Yan City’s Symbol Masters, Zi Yue always had a certain level of self-confidence. Currently, she had already...

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