Chapter 132: Say it again

Chapter 132: Say it again

Towards Zi Yue’s almost expressionless face and indifferent tone, Lin Dong did not turn and leave in a petty manner. Previously, when he took part in the Celestial Dan Pool battle, Xia Zhilan had also mostly maintained such an attitude, however, compared to Xia Zhilan, this Zi Yue before him seemed even more unreasonable.

If Xia Zhilan was compared to Zi Yue, the former would actually be considered fairly gentle.

Grandmaster Yan let out a dry cough as he forced a smile and said: “Girl, you still have such a temper. Don’t worry, Lin Dong’s Mental Energy is not inferior to yours.”

Upon hearing these words, Zi Yue’s pretty eyes suddenly flashed. Without moving, a strong Mental Energy wave was as swift as lightning as it ruthless shot towards Lin Dong.

Lin Dong had yet to speak ever since she had entered the room. And just as this Mental Energy wave shot towards him, his eyebrow finally slightly raised. With a thought, Mental Energy that did not lose to hers gushed out of his Niwan Palace before moving to obstruct that Mental Energy wave.


Zi Yue also sensed Lin Dong’s defense, her beautiful eyes flickered as that Mental Energy wave weirdly split into ten different parts, by passing Lin Dong’s defence and once again dashing towards the latter.

The control Zi Yue had over Mental Energy somewhat exceeded Lin Dong’s expectations. As expected,...

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