Ice Spirit Tribe Side Story 2

Ancestral land of the Ice Spirit Tribe.

The great hall was filled with singing, dancing and flute music.

Numerous Ice Spirit Tribe experts were currently gathered within this great hall. Boundless Spirit Power pulsed, causing space to ripple. However, even in this congregation of experts, the four figures at the head position of the hall were undoubtedly the focal point. Every word or action of theirs made the numerous experts in the great hall feel a kind of pressure that was difficult to describe.

At the central head seat of the great hall was an elder wearing a blue robe. The elder’s face gave off an azure glow, and a terrifying chill spread with every movement he made, causing frost to continuously form in the surroundings. Even the Spirit Power that had gathered around him would transform into dazzling multi-colored crystal fragments due to the terrifying Cold Qi.

Everytime Spirit Power was frozen into ice, the elder would draw in a breath, and swallow them into his body. Boundless Spirit Power faintly surged within his eyes.

“Ancestor’s Ice Underworld Divine Art is rapidly approaching the pinnacle of perfection!”

While the elder displayed his domineering absorption method, the numerous high ranking Ice Spirit Tribe members in the great hall burst out in praise. Words of flattery were unceasingly sent out without any embarrassment.

This was because this elder was currently the most powerful practitioner in the Ice Spirit...

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